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Azue orl gnome, Harassed Wilsod won the General Erection, with a very small marjorie over the Torchies. Thus pudding the Laboring Partly back into powell after a large abcess. This he could not have done withoutspan the barking of thee Trade Onions, heady by Frenk Cunnings (who noun has a SAFE SEAT in Nuneating thank you and Fronk (only 62) Bowels hasn't).

   Sir Alice Doubtless-Whom was – quote – 'bitherly ditha- pointed' but managed to keep smirking on his 500,000 acre estate in Scotland with a bit of fishing and that.

   The Torchies (now in apperition) have still the capable qualities of such disable men as Rabbit Bunloaf and the very late Harrods McMillion. What, you arsk, happened to Answerme Enos (ex Prim Minicar) after that Suez pudding, peaple are saying. Well I don't know.

   We must not forget the great roles played out by Huge Foot and Dingie in capturing a vote or tomb. We must not forget Mrs Wilsod showing her toilets on telly. We must not forget Mr Caravans loving smile on Budgie Day as he raised the price of the Old Age Pests. We must not forget Mr Caravans lovely smile when he raised the price of the M.P.s (Mentals of Parliament) wagers as well also. We must not forget Joke Grimmace (LIB). We must not forget to issue clogs to all the G.P. Ostmen who are foing great things somewhere and also we must not forget to Post Early for Christsake.

   Lastly but not priest, we must not forget to put the clocks back when we all get bombed. Harold.

...А здесь нравится мне словечко withoutspan.

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