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Диккенс и Королева: наш человек

The Queen also expressed a wish to meet Charles Dickens who, as a young man, had plagued his friends with wild protestations that he had fallen madly in love with the 21-year-old Queen, whose features bore more than a passing resemblance to those of his beloved sister-in-law, Mary Hogarth. He would die for Victoria, he wrote in a series of letters which gave rise to rumours that he had actually become demented…

Since then, at the time of the 1848 uprisings on the Continent, Dickens had declared himself a republican; but this had not lessened his pleasure at having the Queen at the audience of his production of a charity performance of Every Man in his Humour at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.


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    Ярослав Гашек ИНТЕРВЬЮ СО СВЯЗАННЫМ ОФИЦЕРОМ (1911) Читателям наверняка известно, что недавно некий храбрый офицер подвергся в поезде нападению…

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    Оказывается, этому журналу исполнилось вчера 14 лет! Ничего себе. В последние месяцы посещаю его реже, как-то более в фейсбук заглядываю.

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    Калужская губернаторша Смирнова-Россет в мемуарах своих вечно цепляется ко всякому вздору (любит ГАДОСТИ). Впрочем, дама просвещенная и остроумная.…

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