lemuel55 (lemuel55) wrote,

гёте и байрон

Прекрасный  юноша  падает к ногам родителей. Лицо умершего напоминает другой знакомый образ. Все телесное вскоре исчезает. Ореол в виде кометы возносится  к небу, на земле остаются лира, туника и плащ.


                               Елена и Фауст


                         Кончилось вмиг торжество!

                         Тягостна страшная явь!


                              Голос Эвфориона

                               (из-под земли)


                         Мать, меня одного

                         В царстве теней не оставь!



                                (похоронное пение)


                         Ты не сгинешь одиноким,

                         Будучи в лице другом,

                         По чертам своим высоким

                         Свету целому знаком.

                         Жребий твой от всех отличен,

                         Горевать причины нет:

                         Ты был горд и необычен

                         В дни падений и побед.



Dear Becher, you tell me to mix with mankind;

I cannot deny such a precept is wise;

But retirement accords with the tone of my mind:

I will not descend to a world I despise.


Did the senate or camp my exertions require,

Ambition might prompt me, at once, to go forth

When Infancy’s years of probation expire,

Perchance I may strive to distinguish my birth.


The fire in the cavern of Etna conceal’d

Still mantles unseen in its secret recess;

At length, in a volume terrific reveal’d,

No torrent can quench it, no bounds can repress.


Oh! thus, the desire in my bosom for fame

Bids me live but to hope for posterity’s praise.

Could I soar with the phoenix on pinions of flame

With him I would wish to expire in the blaze.


For the life of a Fox, of a Chatham the death,

What censure, what danger, what woe would I brave!

Their lives did not end when they yielded their breath;

Their glory illumines the gloom of their grave.


Yet why should I mingle in Fashion’s full herd?

Why crouch to her leaders, or cringe to her rules?

Why bend to the proud, or applaud the absurd?

Why search for delight in the friendship of fools?



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