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вопросы эмиграции в отечественной лит-ре

...We shall set to work, working on the land, in a far-away place, in solitude, with the wild bears. I expect there, too, we shall be able to find a place away from people. There are still Red Indians there, I’m told, somewhere on the edge of the horizon. Well, it’s there we shall go, to the last of the Mohicans. And, well, we shall at once apply ourselves to the study of grammar… Work and grammar, and so for the next three years. And in these three years we shall learn to speak English like any Englishman. And as soon as we’ve learnt it – goodbye to America! We’ll run back here, to Russia, as American citizens. …Here, too, we shall work on the land somewhere in the wilds, and I shall pretend to be an American all my life. But we shall die in our native land. That’s my plan, and it shall be carried out. Do you approve?

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    Оч. красивое слово – реальгар. Также красивое слово – ламбрекен. К нему есть рифма собакéн (Canis familiaris). Недавно по…

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