August 20th, 2012


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Да, это не Боратынский и не Бартнянский. Но и не газманов. Это Сява, пармский рэпер. Дико извиняюсь, конечно, но.


не оконьченное

Я сам когда-то был не прочь

Скакаше и плясаше

Бывало, что глубóко въ ночь

Бухаше и **аше

Чрез фильтр времян не проволочь

Младые страсти наши

И disco jumpin ужь не-в-мочь:

Не токмо не можаху

Но даже не желаху

For entertainment же – в жеже писаху

Порою – из редка – на велике катаху – – –



*Фильтр времян неуклюж; но если Пастернаку можно, почему мне нельзя.


an American, sir

We were troubled a little at dinner today by the conduct of an American, who talked very loudly and coarsely and laughed boisterously where all others were so quiet and well behaved. He ordered wine with a royal flourish and said:

"I never dine without wine, sir" (which was a pitiful falsehood), and looked around upon the company to bask in the admiration he expected to find in their faces. All these airs in a land where they would as soon expect to leave the soup out of the bill of fare as the wine! -- in a land where wine is nearly as common among all ranks as water! This fellow said: "I am a free-born sovereign, sir, an American, sir, and I want everybody to know it!" He did not mention that he was a lineal descendant of Balaam's ass, but everybody knew that without his telling it.


а перевесть на наш язык:

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