lemuel55 (lemuel55) wrote,

"О женщинах"

Из об'ективности вынужден признать, что Милла Йововичь - очень красивая тётка.

Но есть и другие.

Lady Higginbottom set herself a project, that would take away her mind from captivity in Bristol ZOO. She called this project 'Creation of an environment where life can exist and there shall be peace and ultimate quantities of KFC and Subway sandwiches'. It was an almighty project and had set herself a dangerous and possible fatal task. So she gave up half way through and called this unfinished project 'The Universe not quite done'.

It had never been done before and Lady Higginbottom thought of setting out a trial run for her 'universe that is not yet quite done' and made two people. One she called man and he had features that were handsome and divine and woman who had a slighty smaller breast than the other and two large front teeth. She named these Adam and Ugly Eve. Then she created the garden of Eden upon Earth and set them free. Warning them of one very important flaw. In the midst of the magnificent garden was a bush that looked slighty like a tree but was a bush.

Вот не квинтэссенция ли это всей "фантастики" и вообще "фикшена"?
А возможный перевод фамилии Хиггинботам я как-то вкомментах сообщал Лее.

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    Оч. красивое слово – реальгар. Также красивое слово – ламбрекен. К нему есть рифма собакéн (Canis familiaris). Недавно по…

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