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Stone on A Hall Of Mirrors etc.

...I was looking for a vision of America, for a statement about the American condition. I was after a book that would be as ambitious as possible. I wanted to be an American Gogol if I could, I wanted to write Dead Souls. All of the characters represent ideas about America, about an America in a period of extraordinary, vivid transition.

[Q. …we’ve exported what’s worst in our culture, while what’s best doesn’t export. What is best? What have we got at home that keeps us going?]


Idealism. A tradition of rectitude that genuinely does exist in American society and that sometimes has been translated into government.


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    Оч. красивое слово – реальгар. Также красивое слово – ламбрекен. К нему есть рифма собакéн (Canis familiaris). Недавно по…

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