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о брил. руке

Leonid Gaidai keeps it moving at a breakneck pace and has a keen eye for absurd set-pieces, whether it's Gennady's tap-dancing musical number on board ship, his red-hued dream about being attacked by Semyon's severed arm (still in its plaster cast) or, later, when he's convinced that he's having a religious experience (accompanied by Orthodox chanting so vivid you can almost smell the incense) and follows what he thinks is the risen Christ (actually an unassuming fisherman's boy in red trunks) as he walks across the water, only to stumble slightly and fall off the oil pipeline lurking just beneath the surface.
(Michael Brooke, 2003)


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    Оч. красивое слово – реальгар. Также красивое слово – ламбрекен. К нему есть рифма собакéн (Canis familiaris). Недавно по…

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